Education Assistance

Download the HEVY application for education assistance below in either Vietnamese or English. 

Education-Application-English (pdf)


Education-Application-Vietnamese (pdf)


Medical Assistance

HEVY and Shriners have a 6-step process for accepting children in need of medical care who live outside of the United States.

Step 1: HEVY sends a child’s medical application, pictures, video, and any x-rays or medical records to the Shriners intake coordinator.

Step 2: The intake coordinator meets with the doctor in charge of surgery to review each case. If the doctor rejects the case, we notify the parents to tell them we cannot help. If the doctor approves the case, it is then elevated to the next step. In some situations the doctor may ask for additional information before making a decision.

Step 3: The hospital’s director reviews the plan for housing, transportation, food and more. He wants to ensure that that the child and parent will be properly cared for while they are living outside of the hospital. If he is satisfied with the arrangements, he recommends that the case be moved forward for final approval.

Step 4: The Board of Governors meet once a month to approve all international application for medical treatment.

Step 5: HEVY notifies the family that they have been accepted and HEVY will request the following:

  • Full Medical Records (see separate instructions below: “Detailed Request for Full Medical Records”)
  • International Request/Referral for Treatment (see separate form below)
  • Financial Guarantee

Step 6: HEVY provides to Shriners all documents from Step 5. Shriners provides an appointment letter and other documents that are necessary to obtain a travel visa from the U.S. embassy in Ho Chi Min City.

International-Request (pdf)


Medical-Records-Document (pdf)


Become a Sponsor

Files coming soon.